Mariners Start Thanksgiving Early

Yesterday it was announced that the Mariners made a trade with the Arizona Diamondbacks; the first for the new Arizona GM Mike Hazen. We sent them Ketel Marte and Taijuan Walker, and they sent us Jean Segura, Mitch Haniger, and Zac Curtis. I had been out running errands so the house looks presentable for our guests today, and had just started a major overhaul of the living room when I took a break and checked Twitter and saw the news.

My initial reaction was that kind of sinking feeling one gets when you lose your keys and are late for work. I genuinely liked both players and losing especially Walker is a little frustrating, I thought maybe 2017 would be the year he finally nailed it down. And it might be, he’ll just do it in Arizona. I enjoyed (maybe too much of) the hype surrounding Walker. He and his family seemed to like it here, and I felt like he was a good personality to have on the team. He is certainly projected to do much better next year, so perhaps he’ll provide my fourth team with some needed oomph on the mound. Marte was so-so, delivering moments of fun, and it would have been nice to see him go further here since he’s still so young, but it seems like Jerry Dipoto has a plan, and last year’s plan worked out pretty well for us, so I’m going to go with the plan.

After spending some time moving furniture and ripping up flooring, I took another break and found this article by Dave Cameron via Twitter. Dave is right, Segura is the guy I’m focusing on, because of his .319 average, and his .368/.499/.867 line this season. Guy’s also only 26 years old, and already comes with a nickname; Jean the Hitting Machine. Getting a shortstop who knows how to handle a bat is not such a terrible thing, not for a team who could use just a little more power at the plate.

The other two I’m holding out judgement on. They’ll still be rookies through 2017, so who knows how much we’ll see them. I need to make this short because we need to get started making dinner and expecting company, so I don’t currently have the time to research what either Haniger or Curtis might have done, but again, I’m trusting The Plan. I think Arizona fans will enjoy our guys, and I hope to be enjoying theirs in a few months.

In the meantime, happy Thanksgiving however you choose to spend today, and stay safe out there, everyone.

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