Mariners Commercials Are Here!

And you can find all four of them and a blooper reel at this link here, which I have to post because my job still uses IE 10 as a browser and will not allow me to hyperlink for some reason:

In any event, I think the clear winners are Bat Flip and Felix Day, with nods to Kyle Seager for the treadmill line in Nelson Cruz’s workout commerical and Mike Zunino for handing out a balloon to an A’s player for striking out. Your mileage may vary, of course. It’s great that what started out as a blogger wish to fans from Lookout Landing has turned into a marketable slogan for the team, and has become a widespread greeting now for anyone who loves the Mariners on any day Felix pitches. Perhaps the good folks in marketing should look into a way to purchase some rights for “Sunshine, Lollipops and Rainbows” and work that in somehow. Commercials, a King’s Court shirt (or other, non-yellow apparel), something on the PA system at some point on days that Felix starts…just a thought.

Because I may not get another chance to write this week, just a reminder that there is still a Spring Training viewing planned for this Saturday at 1pm, at Beveridge Place Pub in West Seattle. Details for anyone who might not have already seen it here (again, no hyperlink):  The more the merrier, and seating should be plentiful at that hour. I will be arriving a bit early to secure the same spot in front of the TVs that we had last year.

In non-Mariners news, and just because I haven’t discussed it recently, planet tickets to Chicago have been purchased, as well as Cubs and Milwaukee Brewers tickets. Stadium previews will be forthcoming as soon as I have time to do some research. I’ll be headed to two Cubs games at Wrigley Field, one at Miller Park, and at least one game at what is now being called Guaranteed Rate Field which has to be one of the worst corporate ballpark names in the history of the game; not that US Cellular was any better (or Safeco, for that matter, place should be called Griffey Park or something if you ask me). You would think that a team as rife with history as the Chicago White Sox could do a bit better than that, but I am one of those people who isn’t terrifically fond of the ridiculous lengths corporations will go to in order to cram themselves down all of our throats. But let’s not walk down that particular road at the moment…my point is, I’M GOING TO CHICAGO! And I’m going to Cubs games the year after the Cubs made baseball history. Can’t wait!

Other than that, minor league cuts have already started to shape the roster, the photo windows on the west side of Safeco are being replaced maybe even as I write this, and I have my left field tickets in hand for the home opener on April 10th, a friend to go with, and time requested to ditch work early. Only 26 more days!


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  1. ivammmmm says:

    Am happy for you. Spring is definitely on the way and soon will be here, daffodils and all.

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