True Opening Day Is Nigh!

There’s north, and then there’s true north; and we haven’t had an Opening Day in years. Home openers, yes; but there is a difference, and I miss when “opening day” meant Opening Day. Maybe some day we’ll get back on whomever’s bad side we landed to be so badly scheduled over the past few years. I enjoyed the meetup at Mollusk this past Monday; a viewing party is always a good chance to socialize with other fans – and Mariners Twitter was certainly out and ready to see some baseball. Unfortunately, baseball is not ready to see us, it doesn’t seem, as the Ms currently have a record of 1-4. I am hoping it will be more ready by Monday to come out and play.

The organization has made some changes, it seems, and The Pen is getting a bit of a culinary overhaul. Well, not just The Pen; the big news – for me, at least – is the fact that Rita’s Water Ices will be featured at five stands around Safeco this year. I have some ties to Philly and have been there a few times, so this is wonderful news. If you’ve never had a water ice, it’s sort of difficult to explain. The redundancy of the name doesn’t help much either, but just imagine the best slushy you’ve ever had, then it’s better than that, and the consistency is such that you have to eat it with a spoon. The other comparison would be Hawaiian shave ice, but even that isn’t really quite how a water ice works. I don’t normally eat sugar, but this summer I will definitely be making some exceptions; Rita’s is just about the most refreshing thing you can have on a hot summer day, and after this wet and very cold winter we have had, I am looking forward to a lot of hot summer days.

The other thing that seems to have the online world in a twist is the chapulines that will soon be featured at Edgar’s Cantina. At first look, I am guessing that this Central American treat will probably not last more than one season. I’m not sure we Northwesterners are adventurous enough to make this dish a ballpark staple, but I’ve been wrong about a lot of things before. Chapulines are, of course, fried and seasoned grasshoppers. I have not had a grasshopper before, but I have had a cricket, and it wasn’t terrible. But there isn’t a lot to a cricket, they’re mostly exoskeleton and legs, so what I got was sort of like a crunchy chip that tasted heavily of salt and Old Bay. Grasshoppers would be more meaty (for lack of a better word), and are rumored to have a pecan-like consistency. I feel like there will be a lot of college kids taking dares after their fifth beer this year.

Other notables are a complete overhaul of Edgar’s (different restaurant taking over the food), different pizza, Great State Burgers (rumored to be quite good) and hot wing-style fried oysters that are being referred to as “Seattle wings”. I’m not sure we’re known for our oysters, but I’m also not an oyster fan.  Complete info about all new additions at the link above, of course.

We have today’s game and tomorrow’s game for things to improve down in Anaheim. Last Wednesday’s 13-inning game was a crusher, and while I’m glad I stayed up for the whole thing, it’s really disheartening to see the Astros have your number that badly. I will be checking out as much of tonight’s and tomorrow’s games as possible (dinner with a friend tonight and picking Tom up at the airport tomorrow may interfere with all of this a bit), and just hoping for the best when James Paxton takes the hill for us around 2pm on Monday. I’ll be leaving work early, and definitely ready for some live baseball. Hoping to have some photos and whatnot up later Tuesday afternoon. GoMs!

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