A Small Bump In The Road?

This is going to be a short one. Tom lost his phone in Russia, which means I have to go sit inside SeaTac this morning for however long it takes him to get through customs. Fun, fun.

I knew from the moment he started talking that Jarrod Dyson would be a good fit for this team. When he took a seat on the dugout at FanFest and began fielding questions from Dave Sims and Aaron Goldsmith, he had a calm dignity to him, and spoke with the kind of authority you’d expect of someone who’s been playing the game at a major league level far longer than Dyson actually has. He had a way of engendering confidence; and the clips shown of his speed during his tenure with the Kansas City Royals didn’t hurt either. I was unaware, however, that his wit was one of the reasons Jerry Dipoto decided we needed him here.

Probably overstating a fact, but the Mariners have had a bad week. It’s early on, yes; and I am still very much on board here. But it’s difficult to parse things when you’re so excited for a team that has all the pieces to be a fantastic team (in Mariners terms) and they are falling so short of fantastic. It is funny, though, what a little objectivity from a player can do, so I will continue to be on board, because the ship has left the dock already and it’s a bit far to swim back at this point. We’re not sinking, the leaks are still repairable. Have a seat next to the pool, order a margarita; it’s going to be a long cruise.

I will be glad to be leaving work at 11 tomorrow. I love the feeling of being a little responsible and then packing up and heading out towards Pioneer Square. The atmosphere in the pubs is already electric with people who have taken the opportunity to do some day drinking, and Mariners gear is everywhere you look. The thing I like about sports that I never got out of my days as a musician is the cameraderie, and that feeling of a unified front. Especially here in Seattle, even fans of the opposing team are friendly and everyone plays well with others. It’s supposed to be partly sunny with thunderstorms tomorrow (topping out at around only 49F temperature-wise), and my friend and I may not last long at the top of the row in the left field bleachers because of that, but it won’t matter much because baseball will be back in Seattle. Go Ms!

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