Refuse To Abuse 5K At Safeco Field (Request For Donations)

It’s that time again! Our little team is back together, and ready to go walk and run another 5 KM around, inside, and over Safeco Field. It’s a great event for a good cause, and we would surely appreciate it if you would help us out by donating to help fund the Washington State Coalition Against Domestic Violence and the good work they do to take care of the men, women, and children who might need their help. You can donate anonymously if you wish, and all donations go directly to help this wonderful organization. You may or may not be aware of it, but the chances are very high that you know someone who has been affected by domestic violence in some way or other. Maybe you yourself have been involved in such a situation. We want to remove the stigma of DV and make sure that those who need help can receive it. Funding of this organization is very important.

If you can’t donate, please share our link. I’m not trying to win any prizes here, I’d just like to make sure we get the word out to anyone who might want to help us out. Some members of Lookout Landing are also participating this year last I heard, something I think is wonderful, and fully encourage. I can’t find their donation page or I’d link to it. Ours can be found here.  If you want to join the team, you most certainly can do that; we welcome everyone and anyone, of all walking/running levels. The runners in our group do their thing, and the rest of us maintain a good pace while chatting as we walk through the main concourse, the suite level, up and down both ramps, and around the back and sides of the park and the parking garage (you really do go all over Safeco Field). Registering for the race is easy and not too expensive; $40 before the June 15th, $45 after to the day of the race.

So please consider a donation, asking others to donate to us, or joining us in our walk/run! Your consideration is very much appreciated.

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1 Response to Refuse To Abuse 5K At Safeco Field (Request For Donations)

  1. ivammmmm says:

    I already did , the first time you mentioned this several weeks ago. Good luck. Am proud of you.

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