In Chicago

Quick note; I flew OK after a week of really bad anxiety (I thought I was over that, but apparently not so much), and am now safe and sound in the Windy City. Turbulence was bad on this side, but I managed to keep all my bodily fluids contained.

I have woken up at what is basically 6AM my time after going to sleep at what was around maybe 1AM PST. This may be the earlist and with as little sleep as I have ever woken up for baseball, with the exception of when the Mariners and Diamondbacks were both in Japan. Camera battery is charged up and loaded, I have removed any possible security-offending items from my bag, and I am ready for whatever it is I’m about to do. Will be needing to re-read my own stadium preview to remind myself of what I’d had planned to do while here. It’s been too much in too few weeks to prepare for this and my still-reasonably-new job.

I wish I could have made it happen on the plane, but there won’t be any preview of Wrigley. I am going to break from my own personally-enforced desire to do those posts and just let everything wash over me, with my friend Karen as my guide. It’s not my preference, and I should be able to do a little bit of research in the interim, but time is a factor for real now, and if I’m honest, I just want to enjoy a good week’s worth of vacation after a fairly tense and busy last two months of work.

But I’m still going to take photos today, so you’ll get those later; weirdly, all of the games we are going to are day games, and I was fooled by the promotion of “White Sox Hawaiian Shirt”, because my brain automatically appends the word “night” onto promotions, since we have so many night games. Imagine my surprise yesterday at SeaTac when I discovered that no, I could not sleep in because I hadn’t paid attention to the actual game time on the tickets. So I have to be flexible and make sure I get more sleep tonight, but until then, onward to the White Sox!

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1 Response to In Chicago

  1. ivammmmm says:

    Happy to hear you’ve decided to HAVE a vacation and enjoy the once in a lifetime experience you’re having. With some hind sight you’ll be able to work on a post on your way home, all relaxed and vacationed out.

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