Brief Wrigley Field Preview

I am up way too early after not enough sleep; clearly, I may be a little excited for today’s ballpark journey. Wrigley will be the oldest and most historic ballpark I have ever been to. I hadn’t had the time to do much research, what with work and flight anxiety and everything else going on over the last two months that has been taking up my time and energy, but I had to do a little bit of research before going, just to make sure I had a decent idea of what all was there. I’m aware that Wrigley is smaller than other parks, with around 41,000 seats available; I don’t know if that includes the rooftop seats, but since Safeco is around 5000 more than that, I expect it to feel a little small.

It looks like Wrigley’s amenities are going to be maybe a little different than what I am used to. Most bathrooms are ADA-accessible. Food and drink options might be a little more limited (it still looks like there are a lot of good choices on hand), but they have Chicago dogs there (of course), and a place called Pork and Mindy’s has set up shop with a lot of very delicious-sounding sandwiches; we may have to split some food the two days we are here. The bleacher seats are first-come-first-served, which blows my mind, since every park I’ve ever been in (both major and minor league) is definitely assigned seating. There are some statues to see, and Karen tells me there is a decent team store across the street, which is my initial target destination, since I’d like to suit up properly before the game(s) this week. Tailgating is not going to be a sight I see here; Wrigley is right in the middle of a neighborhood and there simply isn’t space for it – this much I know from having driven past it back in the 90s while on tour.

This should be a fun trip. We’re taking some trains and will be there a little early, but I have zero problem with that. I just want to get there and take everything in. I’ve been looking forward to this part of the trip for a pretty long time. Karen has been a gracious host and I could not have done any of this journey without her. We are already talking about me returning the favor next year, as I have made her an honorary fan by gifting her a Mariners coffee cup (that’s how it starts; one piece of merchandise, and you’re on the baseball exchange program!) And now I am off to get ready for a very important day.

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1 Response to Brief Wrigley Field Preview

  1. ivammmmm says:

    Sounds like you’re having a great time. Glad to hear it. She has been a very gracious hostess but I know you’ll return the favor anytime she wants to go W.

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