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An Ode To The 2017 Mariners…Friends.

I took this picture a year ago on the day. At the time the above photo was taken, I had known one person in it for a few years, and maybe two or three others by Twitter handle/maybe real life … Continue reading

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Let’s Talk About the Maple Grove Part 2

So because we live in a 24-hour news cycle and I am always late to the party, by now anyone who has been paying attention to Mariners baseball has been told or at the very least might be lightly aware … Continue reading

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Let’s Talk About the Maple Grove

The Maple Grove has its roots in last year’s Blue Jays series. Daniel decided he wanted to troll the Blue Jays with Hunter Pence-style signs. Since I go to a lot of games with him, I came along for the … Continue reading

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Tampa Bay Rays At Chicago Cubs, Game 1 Of 2

Today has been a rough day, so this might be quick and dirty. I didn’t sleep well last night out of excitement, and then we wound up spending most of the day in some very hot and humid weather. Sunblock … Continue reading

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Brief Wrigley Field Preview

I am up way too early after not enough sleep; clearly, I may be a little excited for today’s ballpark journey. Wrigley will be the oldest and most historic ballpark I have ever been to. I hadn’t had the time … Continue reading

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Orioles At Brewers, Miller Park

Today was the big travel day, and it could not have gone better if we had tried. We got up and got ready, took a route around the already-ongoing Wheaton 4th of July parade, and wound our way through surface … Continue reading

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Texas Rangers At Chicago White Sox

We got off to that early start today, and I am feeling it hard; it’s 7.15PM Chicago time, so 5.15 PST, but I didn’t sleep much and we just spent all day in very humid, direct sunlight (yes, sunscreen, though … Continue reading

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