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What I did on my summer vacation

I am nearly out of time on my vacation. While the impetus for my two weeks off was the United States Bowling Congress’ annual Open Tournament in Reno, I certainly also watched a lot of baseball, visiting Coors Field in … Continue reading

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Getting a Pitch to Hit

Ted Williams – if he were alive – would tell you that the most important thing about hitting is picking a good pitch to hit. It’s commonly accepted wisdom that hitters will get more pitches to hit in good counts … Continue reading

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Thoughts on The Double

Forgive me for re-hashing the past. A lot of Mariners fans on the Internet I know feel tired of the reminders of the Mariners glory seasons of 1995 and 2001, perhaps in part because while both teams were incredible, they … Continue reading

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On Keeping Score

My mom taught me how to keep score at Mariners games in the Kingdome in the ’90s using the dollar scorecards that you can buy from the team. Somehow, despite all odds, they’ve been untouched by inflation; you can still … Continue reading

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Seahawks vs. Rams: Why Baseball is Better

If you’re reading this blog, you probably don’t need me to convince you that baseball is better than football, but I feel compelled to write again, so you’re going to get it. I’m a Seattleite born and raised, and I … Continue reading

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Storytelling and the Hall of Fame

So the National Baseball Hall of Fame is going through its selection process again on the heels of a year where no player was chosen through the regular means, and it certainly seems that writers will again signal their disapproval … Continue reading

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A Day After Geoff Baker’s Piece — How Bad Is It?

There’s a lot being made right now of Geoff Baker’s piece in the Seattle Times that was published online Saturday night and in print Sunday morning (which you can check out here), basically indicting Jack Zduriencik, Howard Lincoln, and Chuck … Continue reading

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