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A Small Bump In The Road?

This is going to be a short one. Tom lost his phone in Russia, which means I have to go sit inside SeaTac this morning for however long it takes him to get through customs. Fun, fun. I knew from … Continue reading

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True Opening Day Is Nigh!

There’s north, and then there’s true north; and we haven’t had an Opening Day in years. Home openers, yes; but there is a difference, and I miss when “opening day” meant Opening Day. Maybe some day we’ll get back on … Continue reading

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A Word On The King

I’ve had a terrible day at work and in general, but I was just gripped by the sudden urge to say some things after seeing this tweet by the most excellent John Trupin from Lookout Landing: Because we do; and … Continue reading

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Mariners Commercials Are Here!

And you can find all four of them and a blooper reel at this link here, which I have to post because my job still uses IE 10 as a browser and will not allow me to hyperlink for some … Continue reading

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Meaningless Post About Meaningless Baseball

Lineup today against the Oakland A’s: I was able to catch four out of the five games streamed on the ESPN app this week at work, and while I love listening to the sounds of the stadium and the crack … Continue reading

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Wuv, Twoooo (Mariners) Wuv…

Pitchers and catchers report to Peoria today, it’s a cool but sunny morning in our fair city of Seattle, and it’s Valentine’s Day! Looking forward to getting the first strains of news from camp, and envious of all of those who get to … Continue reading

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Spring Training Viewing Gathering!

So I posted this at Lookout Landing over here, but in case you don’t feel like clicking: It’s that time again! Mariners Spring Training viewing party at Beveridge Place in West Seattle, 1pm. The Mariners are playing the Giants down … Continue reading

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