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Monday? Mariners!

Happy 2018 to everyone who is still with me – all five of you. I wanted to write about the winter meetings, but sadly they had all the excitement of a wet firework, so I opted instead to concentrate on … Continue reading

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“Buying Championships” Is Harder Than It Looks

For the purposes of this article, all WAR measurements are through Baseball Reference.   So the Dodgers are in the World Series, and to some degree they are wearing the Black Hat of the villain. Though they haven’t won the … Continue reading

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Daniel Riffs on Expansion and Realignment

If you haven’t been following Twitter much today, you might’ve missed an article from Baseball America commenting on the possibility of Major League Baseball expansion, realignment, and schedule changes. Part of it includes speculation that Portland, Oregon would attract a team, … Continue reading

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Angel Stadium: Unremarkable, But Odd

Angel Stadium of Anaheim marks the 16th MLB ballpark I’ve visited my slow march around the league, if you count the time I visited Cleveland when the Mariners series snowed out there in 2007. I feel like I don’t have … Continue reading

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The Oakland Coliseum: An Outdoor “Kingdome”

I just returned from my road trip to watch the Mariners over their final few games of the 2017 season, and I figure it’s the tradition to post some pictures and talk a bit about the ballpark experience. Angel … Continue reading

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An Ode To The 2017 Mariners…Friends.

I took this picture a year ago on the day. At the time the above photo was taken, I had known one person in it for a few years, and maybe two or three others by Twitter handle/maybe real life … Continue reading

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Let’s Talk About the Maple Grove Part 2

So because we live in a 24-hour news cycle and I am always late to the party, by now anyone who has been paying attention to Mariners baseball has been told or at the very least might be lightly aware … Continue reading

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