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A Few Sights and Sounds From The Mariners Home Opener

I have had an exceptionally busy weekend the past few days, and was not able to get anything up about the home opener until now. The warm weather needed to be taken advantage of, and our yard needed to be … Continue reading

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Mariners Home Opener From 25,000 Feet

First, a bit of a warning; I found out the hard way on the Seattle-San Francisco leg of my trip that sitting in airplane seats with a slipped disc/sciatica is no picnic. I was able to grab some food and … Continue reading

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Seattle Mariners Home Opener 2013 = Absolute Success!

NOTE: It will likely be Tuesday when anyone is reading this, as it’s about 2AM Tuesday mornng as I’m posting it. That’s right! Today was the Mariners home opener. You may remember (or have experienced yourself) my awful home opener … Continue reading

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My Opening Day adventures

I still have no interest in really discussing the actual game. Everyone knows what happened, there’s no use dwelling on it, and we have another game ahead of us tomorrow, and the next day…the nice thing about baseball is that … Continue reading

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